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St. Jimmy
United States
Please, don't thank me for faves. I'd rather not get.. thanked for watches either but that isn't so bad since I cannot watch someone more than once, while I can fave more than one thing by the same person.

Also, mentions are turned off. Want to contact me? Just message me directly in one way or another. I got tired of only getting mentions for things I'm seeing in my inbox anyways, so I turned it off.

I am also

VeiledOverdose on CharaHub
rawnie on Subeta

Those are not my only accounts but they're the only ones I feel comfortable about revealing publicly. I mean, like, I have a Skype and an FB, but I only give those out/accept requests if I know you well enough. I don't fucking trust people easily.. plus also I'd rather not have online people knowing my FB unless they're a very good friend. What, two friends have my FB, that's it? Three overall used to but the last person left there I think.

Call me any pronoun, I actually honestly don't care. It doesn't bother me. There's a reason why I try not to put my gender on sites, after all.


Peafrie Wishlist (aka, note to myself about what I need to eventually buy):

- Sedona Stallion with Laced Mane and Whiteshoulder
- Oceanic Stallion with Jailbird and Striped Mane (carries Fade)
- Black Mare with Collared and Laced Mane
- Black Stallion with Whiteshoulder and Plume Mane
- Volcanic Stallion with Brilliant and Polka Dot Mane
- Capon Stallion with Masked and Laced Mane
- Shamrock Mare with Laced Mane and Blackshoulder
- Shamrock Stallion with Polka Dot Mane and Black-Throat
- Poltroon Stallion with Laced Mane and Masked
- Emerald Stallion with Brilliant and Plume Mane, carries Fade
- Violete Mare with Laced Mane and Black-Throat
- Heirloom Stallion with Laced Mane and Masked
- Heirloom Mare with Striped Mane

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SagaWolf-Stables Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PeaFrie Import for VeiledOverdose by SagaWolf-Stables
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016
Nice gallery:)
VeiledOverdose Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016
Wow, thanks! c:
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016
No problem, I like good art:) I invite you to my gallery:)If you like my work, watch me :)
SagaWolf-Stables Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PeaFrie Imports for VeiledOverdose by SagaWolf-Stables
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